AllSeated is giving us so many good vibes. This company is a genius way to stay organized while planning your mitzvah. We Schmoozed with the team. Here’s what they have to say!

We understand the company was started in Israel. Tell us about the US launch. 

AllSeated is a US company with our Research and Development team based in Israel. AllSeated’s main targeted market is the United States. We launched our BETA version in the US only three days before hurricane Sandy in 2012 – it was a real challenge as you can imagine! So many events in the New York City area were shut down for quite some time. Once everyone resurfaced, we did another soft Beta launch at Catersource in Las Vegas and had a great response! As of today, we have been out of Beta for two years and have grown significantly with tens of thousands of users!


How does it work? Do people make the floorplans themselves, or is there a consultant that helps?

Building floorplans with AllSeated is a really easy (and fun) process! Once a Mitzvah host has their venue booked, they are ready to have the floorplan map of the event space uploaded into their AllSeated account.

If the specific venue isn’t already in our system, we just need two main things in order to get the floorplan uploaded and ready to use:

o   The name and address of the venue

o   A PDF, JPEG or even a drawing on a napkin with the dimensions of the event space!.

With the information provided, we certainly assist our users to ensure that the map is scaled properly — the way that they want it. Users are then able to design their own floorplan by arranging the tables, furniture and layout as it will be for their own personal affair.


  What other services does AllSeated offer? 

AllSeated is much more than floorplans! In addition to creating floorplans and viewing the layouts in 3D, Mitzvah hosts are able to arrange their seating charts, manage their guest list, track RSVP’s, store meal types, keep notes, generate reports, build multiple event timelines – We just launched our tablet version which now offers our users mobile Check-In which is really fun for a Mitzvah – and much more!


What is the latest trend? (are kids sitting with families vs friends)

Gone are the days of the traditional Mitzvah Dais tables! The latest trend in Mitzvah seating features lounge style seating for the kids. This creates a much more relaxed and fun atmosphere for the kids, allowing them the freedom to sit, lounge and hang out with their friends rather than sit formerly at assigned tables. The hosts are most often creating floorplans which consist of assigned tables for the adults while bringing in lounge furniture for the kids. Using their AllSeated account, Mitzvah hosts can assign their adult guests to tables while arranging the lounge furniture in the floorplan layout as well! We have a wide variety of lounge furniture available in our furniture library giving our users access to all of the pieces needed to create a beautiful and functional Mitzvah floorplan.



Is there a plan for outdoor spaces?  

Yes outdoor spaces can be added to AllSeated accounts! We usually do this by taking the address of the outdoor space and getting a google ariel view. We are then able to do a landscape of the area and scale the portion that would contain a floorplan set up of chairs, tables, etc. (scaling the full area would be too large to scale) – Picture it as dropping a tent into an area!


What’s the most fun design you’ve seen for a Mitzvah?  

Mitzvah hosts are getting really creative with their seating arrangements! Since lounge style seating is now the most popular seating trend for the kids, the most fun designs we see involve various lounge furniture pieces being arranged according to the theme of the event. Making use of colored lounge furniture to coordinate with Mitzvah color schemes or placing the furniture in styles that reflect sporting events (stadium style seating) are both really unique and fun for the kids! Lots of vinyl is currently trending and the whole retro look is cool too! We have seen Diner set ups for the dinner as well as game room set ups  – both are unique and fun!