The dessert industry is so competitive – how did you come up with this trendy idea?

 Growing up in the dessert industry laid the ground work for becoming innovative and entrepreneurial to create the concept. I also, happen to LOVE food, so anything related makes this a whole lot of fun!


What did you do to make sure it stood out?

I knew I needed not only an outrageously tasty product, but something that could market itself just by the way it looks. After all, we do eat with our eyes!

What’s your personal favorite flavor?

 French Toast cookie, it’s what I want when I’m eating breakfast and just so happens to mimic that pretty damn well!

Do you have non dairy and gluten free options? 

Not yet, but we definately plan to for the future, in addition to other great product lines!

How does someone go about hiring you for a Mitzvah?

They can get us online at

Are you looking to expand and develop more flavors and options?

 Yes, always!



How hard is it to work with such delicious food on a daily basis?

For me not that difficult as ice cream is my favorite thing anytime of the day!!