Don’t Have a Mitzvah-Mergency

Oh, the bathroom situation. We’ve all been there. Before the challah is even cut, the basket is empty and you’re left to fend for yourself with the blisters and the flyways and the garlic breath.


Fear not! Here is a list of The Mazel’s favorite MUST HAVES to avoid a Mitzvah-Mergency. All of these can fit into a small clutch with some creative packaging and trial sizes. Or, you can leave them in your car or jacket just in case.


  1. Headache relief: Headaches are the worst. Whether it’s brought on by the loud music or one too many cocktails, aspirin needs to be with you for all mitzvahs.
  2. Gum: There’s nothing worse than being hit in the face with hot breath. Please, make this guy a priority.
  3. Hand Sanitizer:   This is one we recommend keeping in your car for the just in case UH OH. You just never know.
  4. Tampons: Ladies, Aunt Flo! Amiright? Sometimes she likes to sneak up on you, or sometimes your teenage son just likes to stick them up his nose. BUT did you know there are multiple uses for them? For instance, if someone has a really bad cut and the Band Aid keeps soaking through and you don’t want to waste a napkin, these bad boys SOAK IT UP.
  5. Band Aids:  Blisters, blood and boo boos oh my!
  6. Deodorant: Obviously to keep your pits under control, but click this link and see this genius use of it by Amy Schumer.
  7. Nail File: There is nothing more annoying than a broken nail while you’re trying to party.
  8. Cleaning WipesFace, hands, spills on shoes. A necessity.
  9. Phone Charger:  How is Uber going to find you if you’re phone is dead. Nuff said.
  10. Makeup Remover: Because obviously you’re over the heavy makeup by candle lighting.


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