Buses, Limos and Vans, Oh My…ON DEMAND! Yep, you heard us right



We schmoozed with the incredible team over at Buster and WE ARE OBSESSED. No, really. We like most services, but we are totally on Team Buster!

This incredibly user friendly (and affordable) service offers multiple options including one way, different vehicles and wheelchair accessibility. Cinderella’s pumpkin has nothing on this.

Our interns even tested out pricing for PROM and got excited with how easy it is.  Hear more from the rockstars over there:


1) Tell us about Buster! Buster’s a booking platform for group transportation; think Kayak or Travelocity for buses, limos, vans, and party buses. Rather than relying on emails and/or phone calls to multiple bus or limo services, Buster presents all vehicle options in one place, along with prices, so that customers can enter their itinerary and be totally booked within a matter of minutes.


2) What inspired the creation of the company? After our CEO, Matthew Kochman, started and ran a bus brokerage at Cornell and helped launch Uber in NYC, he realized there was a whole industry, the group transportation industry, that was still very much offline and that customers looking for buses and limos could stand to benefit from a simpler, more streamlined way of figuring out transportation logistics.


3) What can people expect when they hire Buster? Much less time comparing quotes and scouring the internet for the best transportation options; we’ve done all that work for you. Our vendor ops team gets to know all operators in our network, looking into their safety records and personally inspecting their fleets. Operator safety and reputability are extremely important to us.


4) What amenities do the different vehicles have? Most vehicles have tvs with DVD players, but some of the nicer vehicles also have bathrooms, wifi, and ipod connections. Then, of course, there are the limos and party buses that also have the mini bars, crazy LED lights, and dance polls.


5) Is there any entertainment onboard besides music? It’s usually BYO entertainment, but that’s pretty easy when you’re on a bus with 50 friends.


6) Any famous customers so far? The Crown Prince of Norway once took a trip out to a private yacht party.


7) What’s next? Buster Boat Cruises?!? No, probably not yet. While we’ve done many trips around the metro-NYC area to date, our big focus now is increasing Buster’s presence nationwide, as we just rolled our service out to the whole country earlier in the Spring.

For more information, or to share our glowing recommendation:  Visit their website here or follow them on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. 

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