Talking Hair with Celeb Hair Stylist Jesse German

JESSE GERMANOh my! Schmoozing with celebrity hair stylist Jesse German made us totally crave a hair makeover! Upcoming Mitzvah and feeling stuck on what to do? Get inspired! Jesse is legit! He’s worked with some of our favorites Hollywood talents including Katy Perry, Shia LaBeouf and Brittany Snow. He has been featured on E!, Bravo TV, VH1, OWN, and The Hallmark Channel, as well as segments on the Oscars and Golden Globes LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET, and the MTV MOVIE AWARDS. Jesse has also worked both NY and LA Fashion Weeks and works as the lead hairstylist for both Versace and David Yurman.





Jesse German - Braids with Curls


1. Mitzvah hair can be stressful! What are some easy updos for moms of the mitzvah kid?

I think it’s important to remember most 13 year old girls just want their hair to be smooth and pretty. So, first make sure to start out with a smooth base. Blow-dry the hair with a smoothing serum to remove frizz, and then take a large 2” barrel curling iron (if their hair holds a curl) or a smaller 1” curling iron (if their hair doesn’t hold curl as well) to set and lock in the smooth texture and spray with a medium hold hairspray. This will create a base for the updo to hold.

If the girl of the hour wants her hair up, gather the hair loosely into a ponytail where you would like to see the updo (low, medium high, side or back) and secure with a tie close to her hair color. Loosely twist the hair into the ponytail’s base, pinning pieces as you go. Smaller pieces are usually more secure to pin and will hold best throughout the night. Spray with a firm hold finishing spray. Braids are also a great way to create a solid base for the updo. Once the ponytail is secured divide it into 4 or 6 sections loosely braiding each section. Twist and pin each braid into the ponytail using a mirror for balance.

2. Where can women find inspiration in pop culture?
Red carpet images from award shows are usually best. The hairstyles are classic and timeless and vary in style. Whether you want to wear your hair in an updo, or down with some smooth loose curls, you will want to find the perfect inspiration picture to take to your hairstylist for your big day. The Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy’s are all great resources to turn to for the latest on trend looks.
Jesse German - Big Waves
3. What are some great timeless ideas for mitzvah girls?
Stay away from the tight Shirley Temple curls. Loose curls and big waves are always timeless and beautiful. Just remember to think about how your hair will hold curl. If your hair has a natural curl to it, it will hold a curl better than if your hair is naturally straight. So, make sure the stylist sets your hair with a tighter curl so it has room to fall if it doesn’t hold a curl well. Likewise, if your hair holds a curl, use a larger barrel curling iron to avoid ringlets all night.Braids are always timeless to incorporate with the curls for a fun twist when pull the hair half up or all the way up. Just remember to keep the braids looser so they don’t look too harsh. This will also give the braids a more mature look, and less school girl.One thing to keep in mind is there will be a lot of dancing as the night goes on. So, think of a style that’s not only going to be comfortable, but will look good as the night continues. If your hair tends to frizz or not hold a curl, updos are usually best!
Jesse German - Loose Curls-2

4. What hairdos are appropriate for guests?
Guests should wear their hair classic and relaxed. Leave the intricate hairstyle to the girl of the hour.
5. Let’s talk products. What hairspray do you swear by? Gel for guys?I am a huge fan of L’Oréal Elnett Satin hairspray and Redken #23. Both have amazing hold without looking crunchy, and can be brushed out easily at the end of the evening.I’m more of a fan of a pomade for men, there are various strengths for light to strong hold. My favorites are from Kevin Murphy hair products, including: Easy Rider for a soft hold on longer men’s hair, Gritty Business for stronger hold on medium to shorter mens hair and Night Rider for a strong hold on short mens hair. Night Rider will be similar to a gels hold but not have that crunchy stiff feel and appearance.

6. What are some fun new trends you’re seeing at mitzvahs?
Ponytails are back again. A high ponytail has been brought back again by the likes of Arianna Grande. Start will a smooth foundation and keep the ponytail high. A curl can be added for a fun twist, or even one large messy braid. Always remember to wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie for a more polished look.

Thanks for your time, Jesse. Every Jewish mother in the world is going to want to pinch your cheeks.