Get Branded With Bradi Ink!

What inspired Bradi Ink? 
This past summer my daughter’s birthday happened to fall on visiting day at Camp Pontiac.  With that comes the pressure of having to create a surprise element that goes far beyond the typical “candy cake” visiting gift.  So… I decided to create a pair of sneakers for her that reflected who she was and what she liked.  A special and unique gift for a most special and unique girl… and a huge hit amongst girls’ side!
Tell us about the process. From idea to final product, how does it work?
The process starts with the customer (both kids and adults) and ends with the customer.  I start by gathering a list of “favorites” which may include a particular camp, TV show like “Vampire Diaries” to favorite colors, food, sports.. you name it.  With that list, I choose images that clearly reflect the personality and likes of the individual. The images are drawn onto the sneakers, colored and best of all, customized.  My favorites include sneakers made for special occasions like Bat Mitzvahs that incorporate the BM girl’s theme, logo and colors!
What’s the most creative design you’ve done?
I had a young girl tell me that her favorite sandwich was Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese… so that’s the image that wound up on the side of her left sneaker!
Who is on your celeb client wish list? 
I just did a pair of lace up Vans for Elvis Duran, the morning show host of Z100, which was so much fun to create.  As far as celebrities go, I’m just happy to create something that reflects ones’ individuality, regardless of whose feet they are for.
What kind of love and care do these shoes need? Any special products we should buy? 
Avoid the rain or any body of water for that matter. Although all inks are water resistant, one can never be too careful.
How can we get a pair?
Simply email with a list of “likes and interests”. At the same time, place your sneaker order directly with Vans or Converse (or any shoe site with white canvas offerings) and have them direct shipped to Bradi Nathan. Address furnished upon individual order.