Tell us about LiquidXcream!  

LiquidXcream is a dessert catering business. We combine the highest quality cream base with the finest ingredients and then use Liquid Nitrogen to freeze our handcrafted ice cream on the spot at your event right in front of your guests. This technique, called molecular gastronomy, creates a premium ice cream with a delectably smooth, dense and creamy texture. The ice cream and the show is guaranteed to be one of your most memorable and delicious experiences.

Is it for Mad Scientists only? 
Absolutely not, its for anyone who loves ice cream! It used to be the realm of mad scientists and fun school experiments but people have actually been making ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen since 1912. The ice cream is so superior to regular ice cream that this is most likely going to become the future of ice cream. Everything is made fresh so there are no preservatives, emulsifiers and other strange ingredients in the ice cream. You get to see exactly what is going in and how its being made.
What can clients expect when they hire you? 
We’ll take their event to the next level. The water vapor and the entire show of creating the liquid nitrogen ice cream really is the WOW factor. Not only do guests absolutely love watching the entertainment but they can expect to have the best ice cream they’ve ever tasted, its thick, creamy and delicious.
How many flavors do you have? 
We currently have over 65 different flavors and are continuously developing new ones. We can make any possible combination you can think of. Our only limitation is your imagination.
How long does it take to make the ice cream? 
To actually freeze the mixture into ice cream takes a few seconds. The entire process though can take approximately 1-2 minutes depending on the ingredients that are being used. The ice creams are all handcrafted and custom made so there is a lot of passion and care that goes into making each and every ice cream.
What’s your most popular flavor?
All of our flavors have been a success even some of the more unique ones. Our fresh strawberry cream is a crowd favorite and our Honey Cinnamon with a Nutella Swirl is phenomenal. Then there is the standard chocolate for the chocolate lovers out there. Our biggest problem that we’re having with the chocolate at the moment is that once you’ve tried ours its impossible to have regular chocolate ice cream again.
Where are you located – and how big is your territory? 
We’re based in South Florida and our focus at the moment is the state of Florida but we can make our ice cream anywhere in the United States. We do however also have expansion plans in the pipeline.
What is typically the first reaction from someone who experiences Liquid XCream at a Mitzvah?  
Everyone seems to have the same reaction everytime. They get a dreamy look on their face and then say “Wow, this is actually the best ice cream I’ve ever had, I can’t believe how thick and creamy it is, its unbelievable”
Any exciting additions in the near future? 

Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream is our core product but we’re always developing new flavors. We also have some exciting new products that we’re currently testing but we’re keeping those under wraps until we’re ready to launch them.

PHOTOS BY Toni Jade Photography