Schmoozing with Jennifer Gilbert

jennifer gilbertWe sat down with the fabulous Jennifer Gilbert; the creative force and founder of Save The Date ®, a NYC based event planning company.

With 20+ years under her belt, Jennifer knows the ins and outs of the industry, and how to make a mitzvah extra special. To her, the party is about the client’s vision.

With an always expanding database of vendors; Jennifer’s parties feel fresh, new and tailored to the family behind the party. Her favorite thing about the events is watching the parent/child agree on party theme together. That’s when the magic begins. Since being creative is “her thing,” the more clever and unexpected themes keep Jennifer on her toes.

Here are some of her recent faves:


When you have a mitzvah kid who does not want the attention on himself, the attention has to be in the details. This mitzvah was all about technology. Upon arrival, guests found their table assignments on zip drives. The bar resembled the Apple Genius Bar. The room was adorned with hashtags and tech lingo – from the gobo lighting, to throw pillows with sayings like #brb. Instead of flowers, Jennifer got creative and made centerpieces out of wires which looked like the inside of a computer


Jennifer’s artsy client took a hands-on approach and designed 15 dresses which were made into flower arrangements.


A scholarly boy who loved school and reading wanted to incorporate his mitzvah project into the theme. The project? Reading to kids in inner city schools. He asked everyone to donate to a particular school. Jennifer loved the idea of tying this into his centerpieces – so she created something trendy that could be repurposed. All of the supplies were donated to schools of the mitzvah boy’s choice after the big day.

While no two parties are ever alike, Jennifer says what really sets her apart is that it’s all about the family. She prides herself on letting the party speak for itself, and letting the mitzvah kid shine. But you’ll never go to a Jennifer Gilbert affair without seeing a personal touch. You’ll usually stumble across some napkins with funny quotes or sayings on them.