Hotel Bags-Fuel for the After Party


Mitzvahs can be tough on the feet, belly and head! And, there’s nothing worse than getting back to your hotel room post party to find vending machines out of stock, room service closed and a mini bar that charges an arm and a leg for each item.

Here is our list of favorite products and snacks to refuel your guests for the after party or to hit the sack.
1. Headache Relief – The adults will be throwing the prayer emoticons at you all day. Nothing is worse than having to rally for a brunch with a throbbing headache.
2. Energy Bars – Throw some protein or energy bars in. It will help soak up all the adult beverages, and keep bellies full until morning.
3. Popcorn – Everyone loves a salty nosh. Popcorn is a quick and guilt free snack for the middle of the night or the road trip home.
4. Sweets – Throw a pack of gummy bears, fruit snacks or chocolate in for the sweet tooth cravings.
5. H20 – Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Sink water at 2 am is so not ok.